Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Google it!

That's my motto!
 In class when we don't know the answer to something...that's exactly what we do. My students have learned the hard way, however, that when you google something you have to have the background to translate it.

For example, no matter how many times or different ways I google "deBroglie wave equation" I will not fully understand the explanation because my calculus and physics skills are just not up to par.

Perhaps that is why I can't "google" anything about this adoption stuff and find the answers that I am looking for...

Some of my recent searches have included...
"Establishing sleeping patterns with adopted child..."
"Food for recently adopted children..."
"Language transitions for adopted children..."

One that got me in trouble..."homestudy requirements"

Thanks to google I went nuts got prepared for the home study by

  • Buying cabinet locks
  • Putting plug covers around the house
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Pricing gun cabinet...too expensive
  • Hiding ammo

Turns out none of this was really necessary!

In all our education, we seem to be finding more questions that answers....but perhaps that is the point?
It seems that in parenting, like in marriage, it is the journey to the answers that is important, more than the answers themselves. 

Where will I turn when my child won't sleep? What will I do when she repeatedly misbehaves, or doesn't seem to know how to misbehave thanks to years of "training" at her orphanage? 

Will I turn to the Lord in prayer or will I run to my computer and try out since google is yielding faulty results? Will I ask the Lord for patience and guidance or immediately post something on facebook?

Praying for grace for each day of the journey...and to choose each day to lean on Him rather than the wisdom of this world. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blessings in Business

The past few weeks have been filled with crafting, teaching, Relay for Life planning and working on chemistry projects through A+ college ready...all while the adoption paperwork and upcoming home study take a back burner.

Here are a few updates from life.

  • Crafts: Marjorie, Rachel and I had lots of fun hanging out, meeting people and selling a few crafts at the Mt. Laurel Spring Festival today.

Last month we raised approximately $1,000 selling crafts, monies which are currently in the mail to All God's Children International to be placed in our adoption fund!

We have a few new door hangers available, just in time for summer and Mother's Day!

  • Paperwork: We are about half way done with a training booklet on adoption and it has been so terrifying eye-opening. It seems to focus on the worst-case scenario, but it is encouraging us to ask good questions, discuss them and look for wisdom. 

  • Homestudy: We will have our first home visit on April 23. Prayers will be much appreciated on that day and leading up to. Also, if you have ever had a home study we would love to have a few pointers.

  •  School: My AP students are having a GREAT year! Their AP exam is May 4 and I can't wait to see how they do. I've been teaching some review sessions on Saturday for a little extra cash. It is very rewarding to be able to use my chemistry knowledge and training in education outside the normal classroom setting. 
Thank you all for reading, praying, and supporting Adam and I!