Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Family

This weekend we were visited by all the Waters' children.

As I prepared for their arrival, I remembered mom's weeknight cleaning frenzies as we all pitched in to prepare for weekend company. She trained me well! I must say however, that I am quite blessed to have a home much smaller than what we resided in as children, one that cleans in half the time (and a hubby who can vacuum the entire thing in a flash)!

Prepared with fresh linens, scrubbed toilet, and a stocked fridge, we welcomed the clan, which brought the total to 5 Waters and only one water closet (bathroom that is)!

We endured bad football while enjoying Taco Pizza and Rachel's famous chocolate chip cookies before turning for the night. This morning we went to Brookhills before parting ways to start a new week.

This afternoon as I return to a clean (thanks to my fantastic guest) and quiet home, I am grateful that the Lord has taken three fantastic Waters and by His grace seamlessly added two more to the mix.

While I am proud to be called both a Sexton and a Waters, and I am even more grateful for the fact that all of us, Sexton, Waters, and Turners alike are part of the greater family of God!