Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dessert for Two

Do you ever get tired of having to eat the same dessert for a whole week because recipes feed thirty and there is only two of you in the house? Yeah...me neither :-) However, I realized it probably was not the best thing for my waist line for Adam and I to eat a whole pan of brownies.

So, today I found the perfect thing for us single couples or empty-nesters.

Dessert for Two: Southern Desserts Scaled Down to Size features a wide selection of desserts for two (but they would probably serve four). There are cupcakes, cakes, frozen treats, pies, cookies, and candy...all sized to fit a couple of love birds.

I found a tasty recipe for red velvet cupcakes (Adam's favorite) and made, not cupcakes, but a fun heart-shaped cake. I tried to find a special occasion worth celebrating today...like perhaps it was an anniversary I had forgotten or something, but no such luck. So, today we are celebrating Tuesdays, marriage, and the ability to exercise :-)

Around Here

A weekend with no plans turned out to be a busy three days.

I went to bed Friday evening with no clue what I was going to do with my long weekend, but I woke up Saturday morning excited and inspired to re-decorate the bathroom. Adam went tile shopping this week and while that big change is coming soon, I decided to jump-start the bathroom transformation with some small changes

Change #1

Replaced shiny gold knobs with these stylish options

Change #2

Got rid of those tulip light covers in favor of these trendy brown ones

Change #3

Replaced the wood framed mirror with this $30!! Martha Stewart from Home Depot

This is a glimpse of the "before." I'm always too excited to rip out the old that I never actually take time to make pics of it.

Adam was busy making his own changes around the house, although I can't really tell you much about them. This much I know:
This box is new

This job is not for the faint of heart

Most importantly, through the help of an amazing neighbor we were able to save $750 or more on this project! (Savings based on estimate from licensed electrician).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturdays are for...

Swiffering floors
and new knobs for doors

Stoves that shine
In front and behind

Football games which make your heart quake
Removing pen from paint which makes your arms ache

Dinner with friends and lunch with the hubs
No dishes to wash and a Clorox-clean tub

New mirror, new rug, new light covers from Lowe's
So busy redecorating but no pictures to show....

Maybe that is what Mondays are for!