Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Everyday Faithful

Snow days allow for lots of are some of mine.

"Life is usually pretty ordinary, just like following Jesus most days. Daily discipleship is not a new revolution each morning or an agent of global transformation every evening. It is a long obedience in the same direction." --Kevin DeYoung

A few weeks ago, Bart preached from Ephesians 5 as part of a series entitled "Worshiping and Witnessing Community" and, through the word of God, led us to consider HOW we can catch the message in its entirety here:

One of the main points was that we worship by walking in the light, abstaining from evil and modeling what is holy to those around us.

I have often struggled with the desire to have "big, SUPER-Christian" faith like that of missionaries who go to dangerous lands and theologians who write books that encourage thousands. Twice in my life I can see how these desires have let me to pursue noble things, good things, godly things, for ungodly reasons. The Lord convicted me of this once again and reminded me of the beauty of everyday faithfulness.

I have begun to think of the many in my life who exemplify this faithfulness. Ordinary men and women who may have never been to a foreign land, although I'm confident they'd go...who have never written a book, but may have still encouraged thousands.

I think of my dad, how each and every day he goes to work for many, many hours, and while there, takes every opportunity to encourage and spread the glory of his God.

I think of my mom, who encourages me every evening after school, and not just me, but many others who love to hear her voice on the other end of the line.

I think of my co-worker, who often finds herself weary after a day of giving, giving, giving to students who haven't been given enough, yet continues to come and work, knowing that these battles are not flesh and blood...but something more.

I think of stay at home moms, nurses, accountants, pastors, and can be weary for them all...who continue to strive for the glory of God.

I think of myself, and how I fail daily to live faithfully. Convicted and burdened for the lost and my own sinful soul on Sunday...frustrated and defeated by Monday...4th period to be exact.

So on this snow day, back to the throne I go, to beg for grace to be faithful here at home, where it is a little easier, and tomorrow or the next day at school as well.