Thursday, May 5, 2011

This week in food...

Cooking more regularly than before has been one of the most enjoyable challenges of marriage thus far. The past few weeks have been a bit busy for both of us, so the menu has been toned down a bit. However, we still attempt to prepare a fresh meal at least a few nights a week.

This post and future posts like it serve two purposes

1. To remind myself of something good to cook for dinner when I am drawing a blank
2. To encourage you to whip up something fresh and to save you some time on meal planning's what we're eating this week

Sunday evening: Dinner at Wings (yummy!)

Monday evening: Left-over hamburgers and home-made fries

Tuesday evening: Taco soup with mexican cornbread (p.s. this is the most moist cornbread I have EVER tasted!)

Wednesday evening: Calzones by Adam and salad

Thursday evening: Chicken spaghetti from the freezer (I love making a double-batch and having something on hand that can be re-heated with ease)

That's all I've got so far this week. I'd love to hear what your eating!

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