Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost Gone

It's still HOT outside, the ice cream man still comes by everyday playing his tantalizing tunes, I still stay up late and sleep past 7--on the outside it seems that summer is still in full swing.

However, the lines at Wal-Mart, screaming children at the shoe store, and restlessness in my heart tell a different story--summer is coming to close.

School starts back next Monday, leaving this week to get my classroom my brain in order. I have spent the last few days savoring summer and attempting to ward off any thoughts of school for just a little while longer.

Adam was off for the latter part of the week, helping me to appreciate summer even more! On Wednesday we enjoyed lunch and a movie together as well as an entertaining, leisurely stroll up and down the aisles of Bass Pro Shop. Did you know that they have fishing lures BIGGER than any fish I have ever caught? It's true!

These are the moments that I have loved the most this summer, times when I was able to really enjoy just being with and serving my husband without the constant distractions that come with the rush of school and the burden of teaching students. I must say, however, that I have not always done this well or without selfish ambitions.

I have learned am learning that to truly serve I must cast aside any desire for recognition or return and instead focus on serving my Savior by serving others...a humbling thought as I face the challenge of not only serving Adam well but also my students!

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  1. So true Sybil! I find myself constantly looking for a compliment for the things I do. Sometimes we get lost in serving our husbands, and we forget who we're really supposed to be serving. I love your blog and enjoy your honesty when it comes to things like this. Love you girl! Good luck with school this year!