Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dessert for Two

Do you ever get tired of having to eat the same dessert for a whole week because recipes feed thirty and there is only two of you in the house? Yeah...me neither :-) However, I realized it probably was not the best thing for my waist line for Adam and I to eat a whole pan of brownies.

So, today I found the perfect thing for us single couples or empty-nesters.

Dessert for Two: Southern Desserts Scaled Down to Size features a wide selection of desserts for two (but they would probably serve four). There are cupcakes, cakes, frozen treats, pies, cookies, and candy...all sized to fit a couple of love birds.

I found a tasty recipe for red velvet cupcakes (Adam's favorite) and made, not cupcakes, but a fun heart-shaped cake. I tried to find a special occasion worth celebrating today...like perhaps it was an anniversary I had forgotten or something, but no such luck. So, today we are celebrating Tuesdays, marriage, and the ability to exercise :-)

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