Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adoption is a slow process...

When we began this journey many months ago, I had great intentions of updating this blog, and thereby updating those who were praying and supporting us. However, each time I thought to write, I found that I had nothing exciting to say. It has been almost 8 months of paperwork and waiting for approvals so that we could fill out more paperwork.

However, it seems that we are nearing a milestone!

A few weeks ago, after creating a paper portfolio of our life, we sent this portfolio off to Montgomery to receive the official seal from the state of Alabama.

This seal allows us to then send this documents into a foreign we did :-) These documents are now in Bulgaria awaiting translation.

Here is a glimpse into where we have been in the process so far and where we are going:
  • Apply for and receive approval from adoption agency
  • Complete courses online to educate ourselves about the adoption process as well as common struggles faced by adopted children
  • Complete four visits with social worker 
  • Gather documents and recommendation letters for social work
  • Social worker writes home study and has it approved by adoption agency
  • Finger prints to receive clearance from state agency
  • Have all documents notarized
  • Have all documents sent to Montgomery for apostille (fancy seal)
  • Send documents to Bulgaria for translation
  • Biometric fingerprints for US Government clearance
  • Medical examination
  • Send US government clearance to Bulgaria
  • Receive approval from Bulgarian government to be "registered" as adoptive parents
  • Wait...wait patiently
  • Raise money for final payment and travel expenses
  • Travel for first visit
  • Travel to pick up little girl
We have already made it so far! Thank you for your support of our fundraising efforts. Thanks to so many generous people who not only have purchased items but even made some things for us to sale. We have been able to pay approximately half of the total cost and have not had to take out any loans! The next big payment is due at the time of the referral, which for us is about 1.5 to 2 years away. Until then, we pray for our child who may already be born, we pray for other adoptive families, and we craft!

We pray that God will continue to teach us patience and endurance and that you will enjoy the journey along with us!

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