Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Week

It's birthday week here at the Water's household and, unfortunately, also a week filled with work for Adam. However, we have had the privilege of a few celebrations:

1) When Adam returned from work on Sunday, we went on a birthday date to Surin and enjoyed YUMMY sushi and Thai food. After dinner we sat on our neighbor's deck and devoured chocolate cake and ice cream.

Note the delicious ganache as it runs down the side of the cake and excuse the pipe cleaners that are being used to hold up the numbers!

2) Monday morning my gift to Adam was me rising early on my day off to join him for a bike ride across the western part of the county--32.3 miles to be exact.

3) Monday evening, family and friends met us for a SURPRISE birthday celebration (I do believe Adam was surprised!)

4) The birthday festivities will continue this weekend as we head south and celebrate yet another milestone...the end of school!

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