Saturday, June 13, 2015

3 Things That I'm Lovin' This Week

1. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
This girl is my new friend! I've laughed so much with her over the past two weeks as I've breezed through all the episodes in the archives while painting, cleaning, working out...These are great for those tasks you'd love to do with a friend but just don't have one handy at the moment!

At the end of every show she asks her guests "What are three things that you're loving right now??"...thus prompting this post :-)

2. Plantain Chips
Prior to paleo, I was a nacho expert. I judged restaurants, even non-Mexican ones, on their nachos. Jim N' Nicks for example...fantastic! However, I've been left wanting in the salty, crunchy department as of late, until I discovered these babies. Last night I had them alongside cashew cheese sauce and today paired them with salsa and guacamole. While hard to find around Birmingham, Sprouts has them in the bulk section from time to time and Walmart usually has some near the produce with their nuts and granola bars.

3. The library
At the beginning of the summer I tried to check out a book only to find that my library card had expired and had not been active since 2013--thus proving that the stress level in my life must have gotten out of hand sometime between then and now because WHY would anyone wait that long to go to the library? Now that I'm back in the saddle, I'm in the library at least once a week. The great thing about the Jefferson County Library is that you can go online and request any book in their arsenal, and they will deliver it to your local library within a few days. Many of their titles are also available for digital download. So far I've read

  • The Tipping Point
  • The Good Girl
Currently working on The Best Yes and The Glass Castle.

Have a great week! I'd love to hear what you're loving this week! 

1 comment:

  1. 1) I'm loving your writing style. Very happy and upbeat.
    2) I'm loving the renewed awesomeness that God has allowed be to see through the study of His word and the people around me (physically and digitally).

    Hope you are well!!