Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday blessings

This morning, and every other Sunday morning, I have the privilege of worshiping on my knees, literally, amongst people half my size.

This morning was the first Sunday since we announced our adoption that I had been with these little ones and thoughts of orphans were heavy on my mind.

Being in a church where the Word is preached does crazy things to people, including opening their eyes to the orphan and widow. Therefore, there are MANY adopted children in our congregation and quite a few in our Sunday School class.

Two of the children who became part of our church family via foster care were worshipping close to me this morning. It was such a blessing to hear them shout out "I'm gonna tell the world that God is good!" As the song ended and we sat to learn about and pray for missionaries in Kenya, one of these little ones crawled into my lap. As she pulled my arms around her, my thoughts wandered to where she may be without adoption...

Where would any of us be? We who are children of God have been adopted by Him and without Him we are children of the world, being led astray by things that will soon perish. This awareness should lead us all to "...tell the world that God is good!"

I am beginning to can I make a difference, not just for this one little girl, but for many can I support other families that are showing kids the love of Christ and helping them find their FOREVER home?

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