Friday, March 1, 2013

Another chapter

 Our story is much like any other....
Boy and girl meet and fall in love
Boy asks girl to marry him...girl says I thought you'd never ask YES!

First comes love, then comes marriage,

then comes...
A house, house payments, grown-up jobs and bills. It seems that life has become rather routine as we seek to be faithful in the little things--at work, at school, in our neighborhood...
In our downtime, Adam loves to get his hands dirty growing yummy veggies.

 And I don't mind using them to create delicious things in the kitchen.
 And, recently, we have found frustration and entertainment via this little, talkative orange cat.

However, God recently pressed on our hearts that it was time for a new chapter, one that will lead to the pitter patter of little feet, child-proof cabinet locks, and ANOTHER WATERS!

Adam and I are adopting! 

Ever since I can recall we have discussed bringing a little girl into our home through the miracle of adoption. We have been praying about the right time to begin this process and researching various adoption agencies and countries. While Bulgaria was not our first, second, or third choice the Lord made it clear that it was HIS choice for us. 

We are now in the process of filling out our contract and gathering funds for our first big payment (any help would be accepted and appreciated).

This journey promises to be a long one, likely over two years filled with joys and sorrows as we continue to live life while preparing and anxiously awaiting the homecoming of our little girl.

We would love for you to join us as we wait by...
  • Praying for us, for our marriage to continue to grow stronger and for our minds to be most occupied with what God has for us here and now.
  • Praying for our little girl, whether born or unborn, that her parents would choose life and that she would be well-nourished in body and spirit as she grows.
  • Praying for the social workers, adoption agencies, and beauracracy, that the process would go as smoothly as possible and our interactions with these individuals would be an encouragement to us both.
  • Spreading the Word about our new Etsy shop: FromBhamWithLove...the perfect place to get great items for your home and support our adoption at the same time!
  • Donating to our adoption fund...a tax deductible means for donation will be available within the next few weeks...we'll keep you posted!

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