Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Gopher Hole

If you have never heard shouts of "GO GOPHERS! DIG, DIG, DIG!" then "You ain't from around here."

In Hueytown, they cheer the Mighty Golden Gophers onto victory and use the namesake whenever possible. Therefore, today's craft show was entitled appropriately "The Gopher Hole."

We found out about this event just as we were starting out with From B'ham With Love, so we got in on the tail end of registration and barely secured a outside booth. The weather report grew more dim as the day approached, and I began to pray to the Lord diligently for blessings on the weather or a booth inside. Through a series of circumstances that were certainly from the Lord, we ended up with a booth inside, dry and warm and large enough for all of our displays.

Most of the clientele at this event was not necessarily in our target audience (people with walkers and white hair do not share our passion for burlap), but we did have visits from a few friends, and it turns out we had just what they were looking they bought lots of stuff!

Things to rejoice about this week:
  • Our first craft show was a success
  • Marjorie and I got to spend quality time together

  • I met a few people who had adopted and they were able to offer encouragement. One lady adopted two boys when they were 10 and 11. They are now grown men with families of their own. We hear so much about the scars that orphanages and abusive homes leave on kids--it was a treat to be reminded of the power of God to heal those hurts, and to use a loving family to do so. 
  • Adam and I completed our finger prints this more box checked off!
  •  We sold our treadmill! Money in the bank and even better just as good: a clear room that I can revamp.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Parker mentioned your etsy shop in her blog post =)