Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The little things...

"Celebrate the little things"
This was a quote from a blog I read at the beginning of this process. So, if you will entertain me for just a minute, I'd like to do just that.

This week's accomplishments:
 1. Printing and binding a good portion of the paperwork for ease of access.
2. Our first call with our case manager who gave us some "homework," reminding us that you eat an elephant ONE BITE AT A TIME!
3. Started copying and signing some things for our home study and successfully buried the table in paperwork. This evening when we were going to dinner we lost the gift card beneath the paperwork...luckily it was found but I had to stop and pray for patience in the middle of the ordeal!

4. Our Facebook page has reached 177 likes and growing. I'm excited to know that each like is another person who knows about our adoption, can pray for us and support us, and perhaps can themselves be encouraged that we are adopted by the King...

5. I have spent some time (with Marjorie's supervision) crafting. I do love to craft, but it is even more fulfilling to know that each order is one step closer to bringing a girl home. I feel that God has gifted us with such a blessing in the form of this little shop. Because of the long wait period of this process we are not really able to begin doing the normal pre-baby things, such as decorating a room, buying clothes, etc. Those things will certainly come, but until then there IS something I can do...craft :-) 

Shipped this lovely wreath to Denver, CO. We've got friends in HIGH places!
Delivered this to a lovely girl at the galleria...another new friend!
Mom and I spent some quality time together creating this item.

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