Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idea Thief

This week I have been making more small changes around the house thanks to ideas and contributions from friends and family (which they may or may not know about).

1. After seeing a floor to ceiling shower curtain at Laura's house, which looked oh so sophisticated and made the room look larger as well, I decided to try it out myself. I got these panels at Target for $10 a pop and hung them on a tension rod.


I also replaced the palm tree light switch (a relic from the previous owners) with this neat piece ($2.50 at Hobby Lobby).

While at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some burlap (3.99/yard) and created these backties for my dining room chairs to mimic those I saw I at a friend's house the other day.

My original purpose for going to Hobby Lobby (so easily sidetracked) was to get a hanger for this canvas, painted by my most lovely sister-in-law. On it are the words of Paul in 2 Thes. 3:5
May the Lord direct your heart into God's love and Christ perserverance.

I hung it in our bedroom as a reminder of the essentials of our marriage: the love of God compelling us to love one another and the perseverance of Christ who set an example by willingly submitting to the Father and laying down His life for His bride...oh the gospel is SO good!

Adam thinks that things are starting to look a little girly around here. I may have been inclined to agree, but this reminded me that its okay to have a few girly touches here and there.


  1. O my, it's a skull. and antlers. Oh, Adam.

  2. I say use the Skull as the shower head! and idk about the new shower curtain sorry other person who did this