Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Changes

When anyone asked what I did this summer...I am going to show them a picture of this
It literally feels like I have spent every day of this summer either sanding, staining, sanding, polishing, sanding, painting, sanding...Did I mention that refinishing a table requires a lot of sanding? I almost thought I was going to give up but my hubby came in from the bullpen and finished the sanding on the final pieces.

Here is a glimpse of the chairs before and after the first sanding.

Seeing the big difference that a small change in the table made, I was excited to continue projects around the house. Just as my housing interest was peeking, Karly, now OFFICIALLY a homeowner herself, introduced me to a fabulous blog in which a young family chronicals each step of their low-budget makeover of a somewhat imperfect home (Just like ours!)

I am now hooked and just this week have made a few fabulous (and inexpensive) updates to our home.

I got this new lamp at JCPenney for $42.00 (regular price: $140.00).

I thought it a nice replacement for the metal one that was obviously a carry over from the dorm days.

I picked up this picture last week at an estate sale for $8. Even though it doesn't fit 100% with the rest of the decor, it reminded me of China.

I got this lantern at JCPenney for 60% off (aka 7 bucks). It makes an enteresting centerpiece and provides an excuse to have "candlelight dinner" any night of the week (like last night with our Mexican leftovers for example).

Here's the only before shot I could find (it's WAY before, like before we owned the house)'s the progress. We won't say "after" because hopefully there will be more updates to come.


  1. I LOVE Young House Love too! Great inspiration.

    Your dining area looks great too! Curtains from World Market? Think I've looked at those too.

  2. Yes..World Market! Need to make a return trip soon--love that place.