Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waters-1 Tomatoes-0

Sometimes this feeling washes over me, a sense of peace and certainty that THIS is the good life. It is at odd moments though, not exactly when you would suspect. It came today when my husband and I were standing in the kitchen, both clad in aprons, arms covered in tomato juice. The battle between us and the tomatoes had been waging for a few days. They had been mounting a serious attack on our kitchen.
But today we called in all our forces (knives, pots of boiling water, and cans) to take them down for good.
Like in the Bible when God instructed them to destroy all the enemies...we had to do the same....defeating not only the big daddy tomatoes, but the baby ones as well.
It was a tough battle, but we have these as a clear sign of our victory (we also took out the tomatoes' allies...the cucumbers :-))


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Adam used to bring us tomatoes every summer - and blueberries!!!! Yummmmm! Very special memories! :-)

  2. I definitely need a canning lesson from you. Good job!