Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homemade Ravioli

What shall we do to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break?

I decided to visit one of my favorite sisters and having a cooking adventure. What could be more adventurous that homemade pasta?

I'll spare you the recipe details, but if you are interested in making it yourself, you can find step-by-steps at (and all over the internet).

Homemade pasta is a beautiful thing; although a bit labor-intensive, it all hands-on and somewhat mindless, a combination that you don't find much in my line of work, and one that makes for perfect kitchen therapy. Because there are a myriad of steps that don't involve hot things or sharp things, this could be a great one to get the kids involved in.

Here are some snap-shots of the action:

After rolling out the dough (made of flour, eggs, salt, water and a little oil), we stuffed them with four cheeses and garlic before cutting them out with a small cookie cutter (no ravioli press required).

The precious raviolis were allowed to "dry" before being tossed into wet boiling water (weird concept), like drying off before you jump in the swimming pool? Probably a little more chemistry involved than that!

Taking a warm bath: Served with meat sauce, garlic bread sticks (going to get the recipe and share it with you soon...better than olive garden!) and a side salad.

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